Personal care requires commitment and consistency to bring good results. Young people want to achieve the clear skin to just have more confidence in themselves. Some would say that it’s only attainable for those blessed with genes. Study show that lighter skinned individuals tend to have much smaller pores than darker skinned people. It varies across generations but you don’t have to lose hope easily. If you have an acne-prone skin, stand by these tips:

Develop a skincare routine

Practice a skincare regimen that is right for you. Don’t always keep switching online skincare products, as a precaution, to just to see faster results. Procedure usually begins with cleansing then toning, treating acne and finally moisturizing. If the label indicates 7 days for you to see the effects, consistently follow steps. If you feel a tingling sensation on your face, discontinue use.

Wash your clothes and bed sheets

Check if you your bedsheets and pillowcases have been changed habitually. You should even consider replacing it once a week. Don’t place your feet where the pillows and blankets are. The clothes you wear even for lounging in the house should be washed accordingly. Refrain from repeating clothes from the laundry basket when you go change after a long day’s work.

Groom your hair

It takes extra effort to keep your hair from coming undone. You think its better drop loose to cover acne but it just worsens it. Try to investigate if you’re allergic with the shampoo you’re using. Tie your hair in a ponytail when exercising or sweeping the floor. When applying makeup, make sure that your locks are not all over the place.

Sleep early

When it’s summer break, we forget to take a bath and sleep early. It’s our way to enjoy the relaxation and recreation until it lasts. There are those gifted creatures with no signs of spots in their faces even there’s lack of rest. Even if you jump to conclusion that it’s in the genes, enough rest lessens stress and dryness. Even if you have little pimples here and there, you don’t want to look like the life is sucked right out of you.

Eat clean and healthy

Probably the most important but overlooked practice is eating healthy. Most often times, the ‘we are what we eat’ saying is true. You have to avoid dairy products to reduce breakouts. Steer clear of appetizing foods that are oily and greasy. If you can’t resist the urge, drink at least lots of water to replenish the toxins.



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