Today when a customer wants to buy something the first thing, they do is to Google it. They will search for the product in online sites, e-commerce or online stores and social media channels, to try and get to know what sort of experience the buyers of this product or services go through.

Knowing all these is just a click or a tap away. This opens up a myriad of ways for sellers to market and sell their products as well as take care not to have a black mark or a negative impact on what they sell.

Improving Page Visitors

To convert the leads which come to your website, first you have to have page visitors. These visitors are known as leads. They will go through relevant pages in your website, that is they will visit the home page to know what is available, and if each product or service is explained in another page they will visit that; if there is a buy now page or button they will click it if they’re interested and so on.

If you are the webmaster or the person who is handling the website from behind, you can see the journey of the customer throughout your website. Since a person tends to wait not more than 3 seconds today your website must grab attention within that time. It must load quickly and provide the right information. If a person exits the site, that is known as “bouncing”. If your website has a higher bounce rate that means it is not aesthetically pleasing nor functional.

How to Design an Optimum Website?

There are so many tools in the internet today with which you can design your own website. That may be so, however you have to make sure this website is functional, responsive as well as easy to be navigated by any type of customer. Customers may be novices to the internet such as parents, old people and so on or young executives who knows what to do. Whoever it is, in today’s fast-paced world they will not wait 5 minutes until your website loads or 2 minutes for it to redirect from one page to another page.

Therefore, make sure you test the website for optimum usage. Images are important; they must be clear, named and representative of what you sell. For example, if you are selling clothing materials that image must be a very clear picture of what it is. If you don’t know how to properly edit the images seek the aid of a photo editing services company. Do not try to do it yourself and distort the image.

Converting the Leads to Actual Sales

Even if your site is not an e-commerce site which has products on sale in the site itself, there is much to do to convert a website visitor to an actual sale. Apart from the site being aesthetically pleasing, giving a positive experience with easy navigation and all that, it should also be informative. As mentioned above also, customers today prefer to have the information about what they want to buy without visiting a physical store.

So you must have products listed on your website and/or your social media channels; once somebody directs a query reading a certain characteristic, for example what is the length of this dress and you reply saying “please visit the store for more information”, you are simply losing a sale there itself.

Proper communication and being responsive are two key elements when it come to sales today. Once you have that achieved, sales will pour in without any hassle.

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