In this era of the Information Technology revolution, it is hard to find areas of industry and services where IT solutions are not the backbone of business operations. IT operations are one of the most sought after services in the world and it is one of the most lucrative businesses. IT, has brought on a revolution instigated by the Information Communication Technology systems that is similar or even larger than the industrial revolution. IT facilities and services are now part of such a competitive market that has a lot of big giants like Google and Microsoft are still fighting hand and food with other small, individual and companies that all fight for bids to provide IT services. While the larger agents hold the reputation, there are plenty of smaller companies that are not afraid of going up against the bigger companies to get a share of the market. These smaller clans would never have attacked in the big leads except that people will come.

This is why IT companied spend the big money on all forms of investments and innovations so that when the other industries ask for help and require services from them, they are able to provide the tools and systems that will deliver the result. With this boom one of the new trends that is coming up is automation and robotics. Machines are now learning to do more and more complex tasks, making work places safer and more efficient than ever before. That is why systems like electrical displacement control where born. In order for people and industries to automate and simplify routine and repetitive tasks. With these forms of electrical and electronic support, business have turned over huge rates of production and are able to do so while maintaining, sometimes, even at lower costs and with fewer people and far less effort.

Of course there are sometimes drawbacks with automation or robotics and their main criticism is that they take away jobs and make more people redundant and unemployed. However, this is said with a very high level of generalization. That is because there are many cases where automation has not reduced work forces but also made workers more efficient and more safer while doing their jobs.

This is what people should understand. Because, while automation and robotics can lead to job losses, it does not only do that. It also creates new opportunities, helps make people more efficient, keep people safe, and overall help improve the quality of a workplace greatly. This is why automation and robotics are the way of the future so it is important to understand that and be prepared for it.

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